Price Up Front & Proactive

What sets our accounting business apart from our competitors? We like to say to clients that we dedicated ourselves to accounting but we think outside the numbers, this is what makes us unique.

More specifically, we are differentiating ourselves in the following 3 ways:

  1. Pricing up front
  2. Proactive
  3. Cloud based working toward Paperless



Different from the other industries, the old accounting practice price model is based on hourly rate time by hours used by accountant to finish the job. You gave the job to someone else to do, and wait for weeks to find out how much it costs you only when the job has been done. Just put into the other way, are you going to buy anything before you find out the price? Do think it is right if we are going to charge you more because we are processing slowly?

“As a modern accounting business owner, I am going to challenge this model by pricing upfront! It will give everyone a fair play.”

As a modern accounting business owner, I am going to challenge this model by pricing upfront! It will give everyone a fair play. You know what you are getting and how much to paid before you can make a decision. All risks have been removed from you toward us. It is our job to enhance our efficiency and control our costs.



Leader Accountancy, as proactive accountants, we will

  • call you and ‘check in’ on how you are going – at no charge!
  • visit you at no charge
  • price the project before starting and advise how much it will be and what is involved
  • be understandable and acting in your interesting
  • have advised well in advance of the forthcoming changes to avoid the big “surprise”
  • ask for your opinion on how they can deliver a higher quality service
  • tell you what to do and how to do it
  • send you checklist and work with you to get all the information in one go
  • offer a range of business improvements and wealth / asset services that are suited to your business and future goals
  • advise you when you need to send in your work so it can be done in a timely manner
  • Individually one to one consultancy to step you through what it all means, where the money goes and help you interpret your situation

As a proactive accountant, we need to understand your business and your situation, how are we going to do that? Listen to you.

“As a proactive accountant, we need to understand your business and your situation, how are we going to do that? Listen to you.”

You will find, during our meeting or conversation, we will ask you questions and help you to show us what you really need. We won’t waste most of the time to explain why we charge you that much in the invoice (we price everything up front), how good we are. We are more interesting in how are you doing and is there any opportunity there we can help you to get even better.

Why? It is because we are running an accounting business. It is no different from your business, and you are the customer. We will try our best to make you satisfy.

“All your email, phone call, and message will be answered on the same day”

All your email, phone call, and message will be answered on the same day to give you a peace of mind. Even sometimes we can’t give you the final answer on the same day, we will keep you up to date on where we at and what it’s going to happen next by the end of the day. It is proactive.

Every business is unique, impossible to put a standardised package out to suit all. But because we are listening to your need, we will customize our service to suit your need and add value to your need. Please talk to our accountant to find out more. And, don’t worry, we won’t charge you by listen to you. We will price everything up front.  It is our job to explain the cost and benefit of the project.

“Please talk to our accountant to find out more about our value added service”

The experience here is not the experience to do the job. It is the experience that how we can get the job done. We will work with you as a team. You will know how we do things and we will also step you through how things need to be done and when it will be done.

“We will work with you as a team.”

It is very important step for us to give you more confidents for what you paid for. This will be achieved through our Blog, News Letters, on site visit (yes, we will visit you, and no cost to you), etc… It is just the way a team should work together, proactively.


By benefited from latest technology and advanced workflow management, we are going to turn your work around in weeks not months.

“latest technology and advanced workflow management”

It will enable us to give you advice much quickly and your decision will be well informed. Again, proactive!

We are undergoing a process to convert our workplace into paperless. The main process will be scanning all our documents into searchable PDF. Benefited us by:

  • finding documents faster
  • all documents are safe from natural disasters
  • invoices can be attached to our accounting package, great audit trail

One of our client received a call from ATO, informed they are under GST audit for the quarter. The dead line was two weeks to get all the documents ready and send to ATO. We did it on the next day without extra time need from our client. Win, win and win.

Our accounting package is Xero. It’s cloud based, on-line, service software. We love it because:

  • We have access to the database at the same time.
  • We look at the same thing, the same “version”.
  • You don’t need to send me a CD or memory stick through mail any more.
  • Database won’t crash like other traditional packages.
  • I will be updated automatically.
  • Backup automatically.
  • No need to install on your PC/Mac. You can access from anywhere, even your mobile phone.
  • 99.99% uptime guaranteed.
  • Live bank statements feed into Xero every morning, automatically, too.

By benefited from paperless, you will see your documents online, securely.

Our workflow system is based on Workflow Max, it is linked to Xero. So, we are going to see where your job is at and what we will need from you at any time, even when we are on the road.


Please click on here to leave your contact details. We will get back to you on the same day, remember? Test us now!

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