By benefited from latest technology and advanced workflow management, we are going to turn your work around in weeks not months.

“latest technology and advanced workflow management”

It will enable us to give you advice much quickly and your decision will be well informed. Again, proactive!

We are undergoing a process to convert our workplace into paperless. The main process will be scanning all our documents into searchable PDF. Benefited us by:

  • finding documents faster
  • all documents are safe from natural disasters
  • invoices can be attached to our accounting package, great audit trail

One of our client received a call from ATO, informed they are under GST audit for the quarter. The dead line was two weeks to get all the documents ready and send to ATO. We did it on the next day without extra time need from our client. Win, win and win.

Our accounting package is Xero. It’s cloud based, on-line, service software. We love it because:

  • We have access to the database at the same time.
  • We look at the same thing, the same “version”.
  • You don’t need to send me a CD or memory stick through mail any more.
  • Database won’t crash like other traditional packages.
  • I will be updated automatically.
  • Backup automatically.
  • No need to install on your PC/Mac. You can access from anywhere, even your mobile phone.
  • 99.99% uptime guaranteed.
  • Live bank statements feed into Xero every morning, automatically, too.

By benefited from paperless, you will see your documents online, securely.

Our workflow system is based on Workflow Max, it is linked to Xero. So, we are going to see where your job is at and what we will need from you at any time, even when we are on the road.


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