Leader Accountancy provide wide range of accounting service to our clients:

1. Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting


Leader Accountancy provide wide range of accounting service to our clients. Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting are the foundation to our business model. Without correct input nothing else will work. Bookkeeping & data entry supervised by CPA qualified principle. We use the latest accounting package, no need to pay for it by customer any more. Fast turnaround time. All jobs will be priced upfront. Standard check list to save time. Paperless working environment.

–          Bookkeeping

–          Payroll

–          BAS

–          Year-end financial


2. Budget, Cash Flow and Management accounting


This is our main strength. I have experienced within commercial environment from small retailers to multinational corporations. I will bring what I have learnt in the pass to my clients to manage their business. No matter how big or how small you are, the principles are the same.

We provide management accounting with most up to date finance advices by benefited from latest cloud based technologies. Be your trusted advisor.

3. Accounting Packages – Xero


Xero is highly recommended to our clients. Xero is cloud based software. You will be saved from created by traditional desktop packages. Even better, we will wear the cost for you!

Xero is simple to learn. You will be ready after couple of hours training. For more details please refer to here. We will provide full supports to setup and convert. It is all free.

Why? Because, we are going to be more productive and provide better service with real time information. Win-Win!


4. IT


Now a days, technology developed so quickly, it is hard to keep every thing up to date. New things, new jargons come up every day. Every one saying they are the best solution for you, really? If you have these questions, why don’t leave them to us? Through years learning from our own internal management system and experience with latest technologies. We can save you from these technology headaches.

As your accountant, we will look at this from a different angle. We will choice the right solution by look at the:

  • Integration between software and platforms—they need to be able to work together like your other employees
  • Long-term financial outcome
  • Company culture/process fitness
  • Consistent supports


We are specialized at providing advices in relating following areas:

  • Office equipment efficiency audit
  • Data backup and emergency plan
  • Establish on-line strategy
  • Internal/external electronic communication guideline
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Google App for Business implementation
  • Microsoft Office Pack training and customization
  • POS integration with Xero
  • Stock management and integration with Xero

Technologies are here for us at very low cost. Why don’t have a chat with us to find out what could benefit you. It will save you money, time and reward you with a better managed business.

5. Taxation


Tax is a huge area to cover. To ensure every our client won’t waste a signal dollar in managing tax, we decided to provide taxation service through our servicing entities. Our service entities are formed through an extensive net work of professionals. Each of them has their own expertise area.

By benefited from our strong relationship with these tax experts, we will be able to secure a best solution at a competitive price. It is all about you and your business.


6. Business setup


Sole Trader? Partnership? Company? There are many factors to consider. Leader Accountancy will help you select the right legal structure for your business and complete all the registrations for you. We’ll get you up and running quickly and confident everything has been set up correctly.


7. SMSF and Trust Account Audit

Do you have a SMSF or Trust Account need to be audited? We will help you with it.






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