As an accounting starting up, like all the other business owners, I just want something easy, effective, and lower cost. It has been years for me to find the right tools for me. The technologies have created too many unrealistic expectations in the pass. It made people thinking the most expensive/complex technology is the best. It makes some sense to those big companies, because they are the target market, and they can put millions of dollars to modify it to whatever suits them.

All these Small and Medium companies have been left behind for too long. CLOUD made these most advanced technologies available to us, because it could POOLING all users together to reach the scale it need. Small companies could out performance these medium ones by benefited from cloud. Large corporations can still hold their ground with their economical scale and outreach of the market.

However, as medium companies, just a bit of worry, are still using under invested ERP from 5 years ago. Staff not fully trained. Processes are poor documented. More importantly the company workflow was changed from  20 years ago. The technology has been MADE to suit it, but it was badly limited by the short fund of the initial implementation projects. Excel could do a much better job in these cases. They are the main victims from last ERP implementation wave. And they are still suffering. Those ERP systems costed each company millions of dollars, but still only half way from what they need to be. Now, they have to decide either switch to cloud and change the company structure to fit in, or pay the other couple of millions to get an upgrade with the hoping of the later version will fix all the problem. They have to ACT NOW before the system kill the company!

In short, Small and Medium companies are under serviced or overlooked in the pass. Small companies are adopting cloud to catch up, but can’t see any significant trend from medium size companies. There still is a gap in the market. Partly due to “fear of change” by “learn” the lesson from last time, and partly due to be overlooked by service providers. Hoping there will be a technology available to those medium companies soon, to help them get back to track. Or, become history…

PS: Just a piece of advice, be firm and confident for what YOUR business need during the process of system/software selection. Don’t believe everything the sales person told you. Nothing going to fit all. They are just tools.