Yesterday I attended my first net work even for my firm. It is organised by Logan Chamber of Commerce, and hosted by The Print Group.

I found it by look at the even list from Logan Chamber of Commerce. It was the frist “free” even come up. To me, it is a print shop, and I need some stationary for my new firm any way. Nothing to loss, why not? So, noted it on my dairy. The even was marked as starting from 5:30pm for an hour. I would image it just like everyone being sitted and some manager just do a presentation for half hour then someone from Chamber thanks for everyone’s attendee. Boring…

I got there at 5:20, a few cars at parking yard, all the other shops’ light were off already. Not a surprise. I picked up a few business cards, lock my car walk toward the only shop with lights on.

En… I smelling BBQ! At that time of night I was hungry. I think I can smell any food with in a kilometer range. 🙂 There was a gentalman preparing BBQ at the front of the shop. He welcomed me and point to me the person I can talk to. It made me feel like went to some friends home for a party. Nice touch, a pick plus from me. I feel so much relaxed.

There are already about 10 people there. They were standing around the shop and chatting. Everyone is so relaxed. I fitted in and joined some conversation in few minus. More people came in after I arrived.

I met shop staff and business owner from other shops. I even need to pick up more business cards from my car. It was a great even for local business to catch up and networking. I have had a great first impression from the Print Group without any of their staff there trying to sale me any thing. They were just there welcoming everyone and answer questions you had for their shop. “Selling without sell!” Nice.

What I learn from it was:

  • You don’t have to push hard to make sales happen. Just be nature and keep the conversation flow.
  • Marketing, marketing and more marketing. No matter how small you are, you will need to go out to marketing yourself. Meet people, talk to them, and learn.

Well done to both Logan Chamber of Commerce and the Print Shop. I will back again for your next even. Nice touch.