Traditional accountant will ask for your accounting data file once a year, then send it back with a few journals and of cause a invoice with it. They spend hours by just get head around your numbers, because they already forget who you are and what do you do. You know what, they will just turn around and charge you for doing so. By then end of the day, you have to pay the invoice and keep ATO away. It just won’t add any value to you or your business!

Leader Accountancy is acting in a proactive way to help you grow to your business. We offer different packages to suit your business, give you useful information, and work with you as a team. And all the accounting things just become so easy!

Monthly Business Health Check

We are using Xero as our accounting package. It enable us to see you numbers everyday, not jus once a year at tax time. Also we do customize all our financial report to fit your business. The detailed management report at month end will give you all the information you need for your business.

Ongoing Proactive Advice

These cloud based technology help us become more efficient and more up to date with your current status. We are push it even further to give you advice proactively.

We will translate all the figures to useful information. We will also help you to make better decision by recommend strategies, brain storming and tax planning.

Easy Accounting and Tax Work

Because we are looking at the number everyday. All the numbers are organized. We confident with them and understand them. We can do all the other accounting and tax work in a much shorter turn around time with less paper hassle and admin time.

All the results will just flow through.

Easy on Your Wallet

All these service will and big value to your business, but still cost you same amount (or even less) amount of money.

  • No hidden upfront software cost by benefited from cloud accounting
  • Free training with our package
  • Free software upgrade and backup
  • Work any where with a internet connection
  • Ongoing support and communication, at no extra cost
  • Fix monthly fee, no more surprises on your bill

Accountants are not only Tax Agents. We are working with you to grow your business.

Could accountant, simple accounting! Proud Brisbane Accountants.