Today is the first day my baby boy went to childcare. An other busy day in his life, but a big step. His mum start crying at breakfast table. My son couldn’t understand what’s going on. I was so excited because I fed my boy was a big boy already! We took photos outside of our garage. My son still couldn’t figure out what’s going on, but very happy with his first school bag and all the foods/toys in side of his bag. All of these diverted his efforts of trying to figure out parent’s mixed feelings and facial expressions. But I start to worry, hard to say why.

I knew he need to go out to meet friends and learn more from more experienced teacher. We need make it happen, and the sooner the better. My home is safe, but far too small for a two-year-old. I am 100% confident I made the right decision for our son, but what I was worry about?

My son and I have been to the kindergarten couple of times. We kind of knew the place, but we didn’t know which staff member is going to look after him during the days. We finally met the young lady in the morning. She is very nice and can speak Mandarin (the only language my son can understand so far) with a nice, warm voice. She just won my son’s trust in no time, and I got my confident back after I saw how she looked after my son for a couple of hours. I slip out without my son’s notice.

I drove to work with confident after that. A bit of release, and then I start to “day dreaming”. I guess this “hand over” process would be like the situation when client trying change to  a new accountant… Have you been to something like this before? How did you feel when you change accountant last time?

Traditional reactive accountants won’t provide enough service and connection with their clients. The “trust” from their client will be badly damaged by lack of services and out dated information. But clients are increasingly demanding more information and better service. So there is a big gap between the “demand” and “supply”. Proactive accountants will win market share by give their client proactive advices to help them to grow their business. The status of “trusted advisers” will be reinstated once again. So, does your accountant proactive enough? Do you trust your accountant?

PS: By the end of the day, I pick my son up a bit early at 3pm. Of cause, he was very happy to see me, but he didn’t even want to go home any more! Ha ha, it was much better than expected. Woohoo!!! My son only agreed to leave until I promised to take him to toy store before we back home. A bit extra expenses, but that me, THE OTHER HAPPY CUSTOMER.