2 ESSENTIAL Questions for Your Future

  1. Why are you working / in business?
  2. Where will you be financially in 10 years’ time?

You NEED to know the answers to these questions to ensure that you can take the best action NOW to create for yourself a BETTER financial future.

What is a LIFEPLAN?

Put simply, it is specially tailored report that illustrates what your future financial position might look like based on your current financial circumstances, life goals and needs.

Using information such as:

  • your likely retirement age
  • household income and expenditure
  • current assets and liabilities
  • superannuation balance

We are able to map out a LIFEPLAN and visually demonstrate how much you can afford to spend or invest today in order to provide for a better financial future.


Seeing your LIFEPLAN on paper doesn’t mean it is set in stone!

We can use your LIFEPLAN as the basis for ongoing planning reviews to ensure you stay on track to meet your life goals.  As your circumstances change, adjustments can be incorporated into your LIFEPLAN.

For example, you may wish to include the purchase of a new car, provision for annual holidays or anticipated school fees for your children.  While these major expenses will affect your level of savings, you’ll be able to clearly see from your LIFEPLAN what affect these cash outlays will have on your future financial balances.

Getting Started


The LIFEPLAN process involves these 4 steps:

You fill out our data collection form and send it back to our office (takes you 10 minutes)

  1. We prepare your initial LIFEPLAN report
  2. We meet with you for one hour to discuss your LIFEPLAN and make any needed changes to the calculations
  3. We jointly agree on an ACTION PLAN to ensure you EXCEED your future financial goals!


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