We have redesigned out website last month. The main focus was customer service, help centre, events and platform for clients networkings.


Customer Service

We have simplified a lot of contents on the home page to make it much easier for navigation.

The “Pricing” area is like out menu of service.

“Blog” will continually bring you latest news and ideas worth sharing.

More apps and plug-ins will be deployed after fully tested. They will facilitate our communication and make sure we will never miss any request from you.


Help Centre

An internal knowledge base will be available to our clients. It will include:

  • F&Q
  • Advices for new business
  • Xero support
  • Bookkeeping support
  • Business letter/document template
  • and other areas by your request, so send us an email for areas you are interested in!

We are looking at a release date of mid 2nd quarter of 2013.


Client business promotion

One of most enjoyable moment of our business is to see the growth of our clients, so we are trying very thing to promote your business.

We are developing a section for you on our home page to promote your business. Please send through you business brief, and a recent photo of you. After review of the information, you will be list on this section without any cost. The information will have a high page ranking on Google automatically and backed up by your accountant! Of cause, we want you to write some feed back for us as well. Win-win!



There are still so much more we have planned. Stay tuned!