As you may know, the Australian Government started to upgrade its service websites and the way they verify users. We received a few calls from clients who need help to create an employer account to access reporting and paid parental leave scheme registration for employers. Hope this article will walk you through the registration process.

The old way access to Business Hub or Centrelink Business Service was to create one account for each organisation, but now the government will require two steps:

  • Register and identify the individual user first, then
  • Add access to the business with services required.


Please go to the website at

Please click on “Log on” on the right-hand corner of the site. In the old way, we will go to “Centrelink Business Online”. You could try to log on by using the old username and password, but most likely your account already locked.

Create individual PRODA account

The first step will be creating an account to identify yourself as an individual. You will find ATO is taking a very similar approach to identifying individual user first then give the right access to the business. The initial user should be the director or associated person as recorded on To see who is the right individual to be the first user of the organisation, please check with your accountant or use you myGovID to access that info at The information provided for this registration must absolutely match the record at ABR.

But all user who wants to access PRODA must go through the process below.  

So, please go back to the paid parental leave scheme registration for employers site. Then go to Business Hub.

If you have never used PRODA account, click on “Register now”.

After you click “Register now”. You will need to provide following info from your formal ID issued by the Australian Government. You will not require to upload a scanned copy of the ID, but more of the Name, Date of birth and ID/registration numbers.

It should only take you 10 minutes to confirm all details if you got them next to you. After this, you will be able to see a confirmation email. Yes, your PRODA account registration completed.


Add your organisation or service

Before you can access any service, you will need to connect your organisation to your individual account. To do so, click on the “Organisation” on the top of the screen. Then select “Register New Organisation”.

Then PRODA will ask you to confirm the following details:

  • Organisation Name
  • ABN
  • Contact email and phone numbers

In the next screen, it will need to confirm the records at ABR. Before you put in any details, you may want to log into or talk to your accountant. As the information must be 100% match.

The postal address could be your accountant’s postal address as most tax agent will update when taking over the new client to look after your communication with ATO.

The ANZSIC code can be hard to understand, but you can find it from your last tax return or at ABR after you logged in by using myGovID.

You can try a few times after data matched, you will see the following screen. There will be an email from PRODA with the verification code. Put the code in and click on “Verify”.

Then the following screen will confirm the registration. At this screen, you can add other users from “member” session.

After you did, please “logout” and log back in to make sure you will have all the right access to the businesses.

After log back in, you should see the following screen or click on “Organisations” on the top menu. Select the right organisation you will add the services.

Click on “services providers”, then click on “add service providers”.

If you want to access paid parental leave, select “Business Hub”. Once added, click the “services” on top of the screen. Go to Business Hub.

Then, there will be the other confusion part. You will be able to see the organisation display twice with very similar CRN. Select the one with “Paid Parental Leave Services” tag. If you do not have one yet, maybe check with your employee to see if they have applied for it as a parent. They should register first to make the process easier for you as an employer.

After that go to select the service of “Paid Parental Leave Services”. Then “Providing Parental Leave Pay for new claimants”. All the outstanding claim should be appearing here


Following the instruction from here. After it, should not be another confused process now.


At last

Hope this article will help you to get the registration done. If you have any issue, please call Centrelink Business Online Service at 131 158. I found the call centre is very helpful, they will stay on the line to help you through.

If you got any other questions, please feel free to contact us by log a support ticket.