Leading In The New Normal

The way we work and the way we live our life have changed dramatically in the last few years. At Leader Accountancy, we have made our commitment to help our clients achieve their goals and built family wealth.


We have a responsibility to act in the public interest. We comply with the fundamental principles of integrity, objectivity, professional competence, due care, confidentiality, and professional behaviour in all our dealings.


We set a high standard for what we do. We are passionate about accuracy and service excellence. To achieve it, we need to keep learning, innovating, and delivering the best performance in all matters.

Mutual Respect

We nurture trusted and enduring relationships with clients, team members, and communities to achieve our common goals.


Compassion is a deep awareness of, and sympathy for another’s wellbeing. Within the team, we put the family to first with each other’s supports. We are also actively involved with the community we are living in.

What we Do

Tax Planning

Do you think you are paying too much tax on your hard-earned income? Feel free to give us a call. We will go through your financial records to see if you are paying the right amount of tax.

The meeting will be at $600+GST. We are guaranteed to find enough savings for you, or the consultation will be free!


Property Development Tax Issues

Do you know you need an experienced accountant to check your purchase contract BEFORE you sign it? Taxes in property development are significantly different from other businesses. Any small mistake or oversight could cost investors hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash!

Protect Your Business and Family Investments

During this uncertain time, is your assets are at risk? Did your business outgrow your current business structure by paying too much tax or leave too many assets unprotected?

We are here to help!

better business

Better Business Program

It is a program tailored toward small to medium businesses to grow and develop a robust internal management system. Our Better Business Program is delivered in a time frame that works for you. We offer ongoing support to ensure your action plans implemented, and goals realised.

Valuation and Due-diligence

Buying? Are you going to purchase a business and not sure if you are paying a fair price? Our experienced financial review and custom-designed due diligence program will help you make an informed decision.

Selling? Many business owners regard their business as their “Superannuation”. That is, they are expecting the proceeds of the sale of their business to fund their next business venture or retirement. Unfortunately, most business owners believe their business is worth more than what it is. At Leader Accountancy, we are passionate about advising private and family business owners on how to grow the value of their business to achieve financial independence and security.


System implementation and post-implementation support

Are you catching the wave of new technologies? DIY or hired someone who lacks of experience? We have gone through so many different systems with our clients in various industries. We understand what you want and what makes ATO happy.

Get the new system invested is the very first small step forward. It needs consistent maintains and checking to make sure it generates meaningful information for you.

Want to improve the functionality of the system? We have in-house computer engineers to build custom API, or Power BI reports.


Private Business Owners

Often private business owners are too busy working in the business to focus on their personal wealth situation. At Leader Accountancy, through our tailored system, we make sure that the business owner’s entire financial universe is taken care of.

We love working with business owners. In our experience, most business owners don’t realise the importance of the way they organise their companies, trusts and personal wills.  The family’s assets, like the family home and investment portfolio, may needlessly be put at risk through a lack of a smart Asset Protection strategy. This is one of our STRENGTHS and it will be one of the first things we will do with you.


According to IBISWorld, the Franchising industry has faced a difficult trading environment, with revenue expected to remain static over the five years through 2014-15. Declines in industry revenue over the past five years have been partially mitigated by growth in disposable incomes, which has boosted the spending power of consumers. Loyal customer base, clear market position, expertise of operators, stock control, brand names, and workforce are the key success factors.

What does Leader do for franchisees?


Sector revenue is forecast to grow at an annualised 1.9% over the five years from 2014-15, to reach $237.7 billion. The growth of the middle class in Asian export markets, along with rising disposable incomes and changing diets, has supported sector growth over the period. High-value meat and dairy products, in particular, have benefited from overseas income growth. Reduced farm incomes and rising import competition caused by the depreciating Australian dollar will contribute to the forecast 1.4% revenue decline in 2014-15. Multinational companies are increasing their involvement in agribusiness activity, often growing their market share via acquisitions. Leader Accountancy will help your business grow in this rapidly changing industry.

Online business

Online retailing has changed the face of the Australian retail sector, representing a paradigm shift in the way consumers make transactions. While the industry is in its infancy both technologically and financially, it has grown dramatically over the past five years to become part of the mainstream retail sector. The industry has benefited from consumers seeking choice and value, particularly as discretionary spending and overall consumer sentiment have been relatively weak. Online shopping offers unprecedented choice, as there are no geographical boundaries and prices are highly competitive. Industry profitability has remained stable, despite a strong increase in total revenue. As online retail is increasingly normalised, revenue growth is expected to slow over the next five years.

Do you have a clear market position? How do you control your stock? How do you provide your after-sales service?  -. Leader Accountancy will help you find the latest technology to manage these elements of your business. Is this all too new for you? We understand the essentials and are good at providing advice.

New migrants

Moving in or out of Australia? Plan ahead! Change of tax residency can have a significant impact on your income tax and capital gains tax. Issues such as the 183 day test, double tax agreements, family residency or source of income can add much more complexity to your position. The Leader Accountancy team is experienced to help overseas investors to invest in Australia and plan ahead.

General Practitioners (GPs) and Medical Centres

The General Practice Medical Services industry has grown steadily over the past five years. GPs are the first point of contact in the medical system, providing direct treatment to patients or diagnosing their problems and referring them to a specialist or hospital.

GPs! Why spend so much of your valuable time on account keeping? What’s your exit plan? Let us help you out!